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Stable tubes in extriangulated categories

Li WangJiaqun WeiHaicheng Zhang — 2022

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let 𝒳 be a semibrick in an extriangulated category. If 𝒳 is a τ -semibrick, then the Auslander-Reiten quiver Γ ( ( 𝒳 ) ) of the filtration subcategory ( 𝒳 ) generated by 𝒳 is 𝔸 . If 𝒳 = { X i } i = 1 t is a τ -cycle semibrick, then Γ ( ( 𝒳 ) ) is 𝔸 / τ 𝔸 t .

A note on k-c-semistratifiable spaces and strong β -spaces

Li-Xia WangLiang-Xue Peng — 2011

Mathematica Bohemica

Recall that a space X is a c-semistratifiable (CSS) space, if the compact sets of X are G δ -sets in a uniform way. In this note, we introduce another class of spaces, denoting it by k-c-semistratifiable (k-CSS), which generalizes the concept of c-semistratifiable. We discuss some properties of k-c-semistratifiable spaces. We prove that a T 2 -space X is a k-c-semistratifiable space if and only if X has a g function which satisfies the following conditions: (1) For each x X , { x } = { g ( x , n ) : n } and g ( x , n + 1 ) g ( x , n ) for each n . (2) If a...

Variability regions of close-to-convex functions

Takao KatoToshiyuki SugawaLi-Mei Wang — 2014

Annales Polonici Mathematici

M. Biernacki gave in 1936 concrete forms of the variability regions of z/f(z) and zf'(z)/f(z) of close-to-convex functions f for a fixed z with |z|<1. The forms are, however, not necessarily convenient to determine the shape of the full variability region of zf'(z)/f(z) over all close-to-convex functions f and all points z with |z|<1. We propose a couple of other forms of the variability regions and see that the full variability region of zf'(z)/f(z) is indeed the complex plane minus the origin....

Some estimates for commutators of Riesz transform associated with Schrödinger type operators

Yu LiuJing ZhangJie-Lai ShengLi-Juan Wang — 2016

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let 1 = - Δ + V be a Schrödinger operator and let 2 = ( - Δ ) 2 + V 2 be a Schrödinger type operator on n ( n 5 ) , where V 0 is a nonnegative potential belonging to certain reverse Hölder class B s for s n / 2 . The Hardy type space H 2 1 is defined in terms of the maximal function with respect to the semigroup { e - t 2 } and it is identical to the Hardy space H 1 1 established by Dziubański and Zienkiewicz. In this article, we prove the L p -boundedness of the commutator b = b f - ( b f ) generated by the Riesz transform = 2 2 - 1 / 2 , where b BMO θ ( ρ ) , which is larger than the...

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