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Semigroup actions on tori and stationary measures on projective spaces

Yves Guivarc'hRoman Urban — 2005

Studia Mathematica

Let Γ be a subsemigroup of G = GL(d,ℝ), d > 1. We assume that the action of Γ on d is strongly irreducible and that Γ contains a proximal and quasi-expanding element. We describe contraction properties of the dynamics of Γ on d at infinity. This amounts to the consideration of the action of Γ on some compact homogeneous spaces of G, which are extensions of the projective space d - 1 . In the case where Γ is a subsemigroup of GL(d,ℝ) ∩ M(d,ℤ) and Γ has the above properties, we deduce that the Γ-orbits...

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