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Bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings of a soliton hierarchy associated withSO(4)

Jian ZhangChiping ZhangYunan Cui — 2017

Open Mathematics

In our paper, the theory of bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings is generalized to the discrete case. First, based on the six-dimensional real special orthogonal Lie algebra SO(4), we construct bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings associated with SO(4) for a hierarchy from the enlarged matrix spectral problems and the enlarged zero curvature equations. Moreover, Hamiltonian structures of the obtained bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings are constructed by the variational identities....

Hopf bifurcation analysis of some hyperchaotic systems with time-delay controllers

Lan ZhangCheng Jian Zhang — 2008


A four-dimensional hyperchaotic Lü system with multiple time-delay controllers is considered in this paper. Based on the theory of Hopf bifurcation in delay system, we obtain a simple relationship between the parameters when the system has a periodic solution. Numerical simulations show that the assumption is a rational condition, choosing parameter in the determined region can control hyperchaotic Lü system well, the chaotic state is transformed to the periodic orbit. Finally, we consider the differences...

Control of a class of chaotic systems by a stochastic delay method

Lan ZhangCheng Jian ZhangDongming Zhao — 2010


A delay stochastic method is introduced to control a certain class of chaotic systems. With the Lyapunov method, a suitable kind of controllers with multiplicative noise is designed to stabilize the chaotic state to the equilibrium point. The method is simple and can be put into practice. Numerical simulations are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed controllable conditions.

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