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Data mining techniques using decision tree model in materialised projection and selection view.

Y. W. Teh (2004)

Mathware and Soft Computing


With the availability of very large data storage today, redundant data structures are no longer a big issue. However, an intelligent way of managing materialised projection and selection views that can lead to fast access of data is the central issue dealt with in this paper. A set of implementation steps for the data warehouse administrators or decision makers to improve the response time of queries is also defined. The study concludes that both attributes and tuples, are important...

Warehousing and OLAP Analysis of Data About Unique Bulgarian Bells Складиране и OLAP анализ на данни за уникални български камбани

Trifonov, Tihomir, Georgieva-Trifonova, Tsvetanka (2012)

Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians


Тихомир Трифонов, Цветанка Георгиева-Трифонова - В настоящата статия е представена системата bgBell/OLAP за складиране и онлайн аналитична обработка на данни за уникални български камбани. Реализираната система предоставя възможност за извеждане на обобщени справки и анализиране на различни характеристики на камбаните, за да се извлече предварително неизвестна и потенциално полезна информация. In this paper, the system bgBell/OLAP for warehousing and online analytical processing...

Statistical databases: the reference environment and three layers proposed by Eurostat.

Roger Dubois (1997)



The functions of the Eurostat information system are divided into four sectors which correspond to the various stages in the processing of data from their collection to their difussion: - Production: collection, validation and storage of the data and meta-data; - Storage of the reference data (acceptance of the information); - Use of the reference data (visibility/security and find/deliver); - Diffusion. The system of acquisition...

User Profiling for the Web

Miha Grčar, Dunja Mladenič, Marko Grobelnik (2006)

Computer Science and Information Systems