Why Register?

  • Make the library truly yours / Personalize the library

    EuDML provides free access to a vast digital content and offers a variety of services to anonymous users. Registration enables the user to customize the library and tailor the services to his or her personal needs, to share views and to become a partner improving its content.

  • Create your own collections

    Registration allows you to collect selected documents in personal "bookshelves" by putting them on various lists. These lists can be kept private, shared with selected registered users or made public.

  • Comment on the content

    If you are registered, you can add notes (comments, corrections, explanations, advices, examples, questions) to documents and add comments to notes of other users.

  • Help to improve the metadata

    The huge amount of metadata inevitably includes errors. Did you find any? Register and suggest a correction or improvement (e.g. a new MSC code).