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Conditions under which R ( x ) and R x are almost Q-rings

Hani A. Khashan, H. Al-Ezeh (2007)

Archivum Mathematicum


All rings considered in this paper are assumed to be commutative with identities. A ring R is a Q -ring if every ideal of R is a finite product of primary ideals. An almost Q -ring is a ring whose localization at every prime ideal is a Q -ring. In this paper, we first prove that the statements, R is an almost Z P I -ring and R [ x ] is an almost Q -ring are equivalent for any ring R . Then we prove that under the condition that every prime ideal of R ( x ) is an extension of a prime ideal of R , the ring R ...

Minimal prime ideals of skew polynomial rings and near pseudo-valuation rings

Vijay Kumar Bhat (2013)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


Let R be a ring. We recall that R is called a near pseudo-valuation ring if every minimal prime ideal of R is strongly prime. Let now σ be an automorphism of R and δ a σ -derivation of R . Then R is said to be an almost δ -divided ring if every minimal prime ideal of R is δ -divided. Let R be a Noetherian ring which is also an algebra over ( is the field of rational numbers). Let σ be an automorphism of R such that R is a σ ( * ) -ring and δ a σ -derivation of R such that σ ( δ ( a ) ) = δ ( σ ( a ) ) for all a R . Further,...

Derivations with Engel conditions in prime and semiprime rings

Shuliang Huang (2011)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


Let R be a prime ring, I a nonzero ideal of R , d a derivation of R and m , n fixed positive integers. (i) If ( d [ x , y ] ) m = [ x , y ] n for all x , y I , then R is commutative. (ii) If Char R 2 and [ d ( x ) , d ( y ) ] m = [ x , y ] n for all x , y I , then R is commutative. Moreover, we also examine the case when R is a semiprime ring.

Isolated points and redundancy

P. Alirio J. Peña, Jorge E. Vielma (2011)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


We describe the isolated points of an arbitrary topological space ( X , τ ) . If the τ -specialization pre-order on X has enough maximal elements, then a point x X is an isolated point in ( X , τ ) if and only if x is both an isolated point in the subspaces of τ -kerneled points of X and in the τ -closure of { x } (a special case of this result is proved in Mehrvarz A.A., Samei K., , J. Sci. Islam. Repub. Iran (1999), no. 3, 193–196). This result is applied to an arbitrary subspace of the prime spectrum Spec ( R ) of...

S V -Rings and S V -Porings

Niels Schwartz (2010)

Annales de la faculté des sciences de Toulouse Mathématiques


S V -rings are commutative rings whose factor rings modulo prime ideals are valuation rings. S V -rings occur most naturally in connection with partially ordered rings (= porings) and have been studied only in this context so far. The present note first develops the theory of S V -rings systematically, without assuming the presence of a partial order. Particular attention is paid to the question of axiomatizability (in the sense of model theory). Partially ordered S V -rings ( S V -porings)...