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Monotone normality and extension of functions

Ian Stares (1995)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


We provide a characterisation of monotone normality with an analogue of the Tietze-Urysohn theorem for monotonically normal spaces as well as answer a question due to San-ou concerning the extension of Urysohn functions in monotonically normal spaces. We also extend a result of van Douwen, giving a characterisation of K 0 -spaces in terms of semi-continuous functions, as well as answer another question of San-ou concerning semi-continuous Urysohn functions.

Monotone interval eigenproblem in max–min algebra

Martin Gavalec, Ján Plavka (2010)



The interval eigenproblem in max-min algebra is studied. A classification of interval eigenvectors is introduced and six types of interval eigenvectors are described. Characterization of all six types is given for the case of strictly increasing eigenvectors and Hasse diagram of relations between the types is presented.