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Optimal control problems for variational inequalities with controls in coefficients and in unilateral constraints

Igor Bock, Ján Lovíšek (1987)

Aplikace matematiky


We deal with an optimal control problem for variational inequalities, where the monotone operators as well as the convex sets of possible states depend on the control parameter. The existence theorem for the optimal control will be applied to the optimal design problems for an elasto-plastic beam and an elastic plate, where a variable thickness appears as a control variable.

Optimal design problems for a dynamic viscoelastic plate. I. Short memory material

Igor Bock (1995)

Applications of Mathematics


We deal with an optimal control problem with respect to a variable thickness for a dynamic viscoelastic plate with velocity constraints. The state problem has the form of a pseudohyperbolic variational inequality. The existence and uniqueness theorem for the state problem and the existence of an optimal thickness function are proved.