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On full Hilbert C * -modules.

Moslehian, Mohammad Sal (2001)

Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Second Series


Normal Hilbert modules over the ball algebra A(B)

Kunyu Guo (1999)

Studia Mathematica


The normal cohomology functor E x t is introduced from the category of all normal Hilbert modules over the ball algebra to the category of A(B)-modules. From the calculation of E x t -groups, we show that every normal C(∂B)-extension of a normal Hilbert module (viewed as a Hilbert module over A(B) is normal projective and normal injective. It follows that there is a natural isomorphism between Hom of normal Shilov modules and that of their quotient modules, which is a new lifting theorem of normal...

Projective Hilbert A(D)-modules.

Carlson, Jon F., Clark, Douglas N., Foias, Ciprian, Williams, J.P. (1994)

The New York Journal of Mathematics [electronic only]


On a generalization of W*-modules

David P. Blecher, Jon E. Kraus (2010)

Banach Center Publications


a recent paper of the first author and Kashyap, a new class of Banach modules over dual operator algebras is introduced. These generalize the W*-modules (that is, Hilbert C*-modules over a von Neumann algebra which satisfy an analogue of the Riesz representation theorem for Hilbert spaces), which in turn generalize Hilbert spaces. In the present paper, we describe these modules, giving some motivation, and we prove several new results about them.

Covariant version of the Stinespring type theorem for Hilbert C*-modules

Maria Joiţa (2011)

Open Mathematics


In this paper, we prove a covariant version of the Stinespring theorem for Hilbert C*-modules. Also, we show that there is a bijective correspondence between operator valued completely positive maps, (u′, u)-covariant with respect to the dynamical system (G, η, X) on Hilbert C*-modules and (u′, u)-covariant operator valued completely positive maps on the crossed product G ×η X of X by η.

On multipliers of Hilbert modules over pro-C*-algebras

Maria Joiţa (2008)

Studia Mathematica


We investigate the structure of the multiplier module of a Hilbert module over a pro-C*-algebra and the relationship between the set of all adjointable operators from a Hilbert A-module E to a Hilbert A-module F and the set of all adjointable operators from the multiplier module M(E) to M(F).

Projectivity and lifting of Hilbert module maps

Douglas N. Clark (1997)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


In a recent paper, Carlson, Foiaş, Williams and the author proved that isometric Hilbert modules are projective in the category of Hilbert modules similar to contractive ones. In this paper, a simple proof, based on a strengthened lifting theorem, is given. The proof also applies to an equivalent theorem of Foiaş and Williams on similarity to a contraction of a certain 2 × 2 operator matrix.