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Generalized canonical algebras and standard stable tubes

Andrzej Skowroński (2001)

Colloquium Mathematicae


We introduce a new wide class of finite-dimensional algebras which admit families of standard stable tubes (in the sense of Ringel [17]). In particular, we prove that there are many algebras of arbitrary nonzero (finite or infinite) global dimension whose Auslander-Reiten quivers admit faithful standard stable tubes.

Around stable forking

Byunghan Kim, A. Pillay (2001)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


We discuss various conjectures and problems around the issue of when and whether stable formulas are responsible for forking in simple theories. We prove that if the simple theory T has strong stable forking then any complete type is a nonforking extension of a complete type which is axiomatized by instances of stable formulas. We also give another treatment of the first author's result which identifies canonical bases in supersimple theories.

Stable elements of Banach and Fréchet algebras

Graham Allan (1998)

Studia Mathematica


We introduce an algebraic notion-stability-for an element of a commutative ring. It is shown that the stable elements of Banach algebras, and of Fréchet algebras, may be simply described. Part of the theory of power-series embeddings, given in [1] and [4], is seen to be of a purely algebraic nature. This approach leads to other natural questions.

A Note on the Uniqueness of Stable Marriage Matching

Ewa Drgas-Burchardt (2013)

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory


In this note we present some sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of a stable matching in the Gale-Shapley marriage classical model of even size. We also state the result on the existence of exactly two stable matchings in the marriage problem of odd size with the same conditions.

Second-order sufficient condition for ˜ -stable functions

Dušan Bednařík, Karel Pastor (2007)

Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica


The aim of our article is to present a proof of the existence of local minimizer in the classical optimality problem without constraints under weaker assumptions in comparisons with common statements of the result. In addition we will provide rather elementary and self-contained proof of that result.

Decompositions of saturated models of stable theories

M. C. Laskowski, S. Shelah (2006)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


We characterize the stable theories T for which the saturated models of T admit decompositions. In particular, we show that countable, shallow, stable theories with NDOP have this property.