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Around real Enriques surfaces.

Alexander Degtyarev, Vlatcheslav Kharlamov (1997)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid


We present a brief overview of the classification of real Enriques surfaces completed recently and make an attempt to systemize the known classification results for other special types of surfaces. Emphasis is also given to the particular tools used and to the general phenomena discovered; in particular, we prove two new congruence type prohibitions on the Euler characteristic of the real part of a real algebraic surface.

Quartic del Pezzo surfaces over function fields of curves

Brendan Hassett, Yuri Tschinkel (2014)

Open Mathematics


We classify quartic del Pezzo surface fibrations over the projective line via numerical invariants, giving explicit examples for small values of the invariants. For generic such fibrations, we describe explicitly the geometry of spaces of sections to the fibration, and mappings to the intermediate Jacobian of the total space. We exhibit examples where these are birational, which has applications to arithmetic questions, especially over finite fields.