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Multiple gcd-closed sets and determinants of matrices associated with arithmetic functions

Siao Hong, Shuangnian Hu, Shaofang Hong (2016)

Open Mathematics


Let f be an arithmetic function and S = {x1, …, xn} be a set of n distinct positive integers. By (f(xi, xj)) (resp. (f[xi, xj])) we denote the n × n matrix having f evaluated at the greatest common divisor (xi, xj) (resp. the least common multiple [xi, xj]) of x, and xj as its (i, j)-entry, respectively. The set S is said to be gcd closed if (xi, xj) ∈ S for 1 ≤ i, j ≤ n. In this paper, we give formulas for the determinants of the matrices (f(xi, xj)) and (f[xi, xj]) if S consists of...