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On half-completion and bicompletion of quasi-metric spaces

Elena Alemany, Salvador Romaguera (1996)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


We characterize the quasi-metric spaces which have a quasi-metric half-completion and deduce that each paracompact co-stable quasi-metric space having a quasi-metric half-completion is metrizable. We also characterize the quasi-metric spaces whose bicompletion is quasi-metric and it is shown that the bicompletion of each quasi-metric compatible with a quasi-metrizable space X is quasi-metric if and only if X is finite.

Versatile asymmetrical tight extensions

Olivier Olela Otafudu, Zechariah Mushaandja (2017)

Topological Algebra and its Applications


We show that the image of a q-hyperconvex quasi-metric space under a retraction is q-hyperconvex. Furthermore, we establish that quasi-tightness and quasi-essentiality of an extension of a T0-quasi-metric space are equivalent.

Computing complexity distances between algorithms

Salvador Romaguera, Enrique A. Sánchez-Pérez, Oscar Valero (2003)



We introduce a new (extended) quasi-metric on the so-called dual p-complexity space, which is suitable to give a quantitative measure of the improvement in complexity obtained when a complexity function is replaced by a more efficient complexity function on all inputs, and show that this distance function has the advantage of possessing rich topological and quasi-metric properties. In particular, its induced topology is Hausdorff and completely regular. Our approach is applied to the...