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Reasons: belief support and goal dynamics.

Cristiano Castelfranchi (1996)

Mathware and Soft Computing


The paper is devoted to the structural relation between beliefs and goals. I discuss its importance in modelling cognitive agents; its origin in cognitive processing; its structure (belief structure relative to a goal); its crucial role in rationality, mediating between epistemic and pragmatic rationality; its role in goal Dynamics. I stress the crucial contribution of the supporting beliefs to the Processing of goals; to the Revision of goals (or Dynamics in a narrow sense), i.e. the...

Conditions of divided towns development – an example of Guben and Gubin

Agnieszka Brzosko-Sermak, Monika Płaziak (2015)

Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Geographica


The article concerns about conditions of development of a peculiar small towns – Guben (German) and Gubin (Polish). Their situation is interesting with reference to their border location, as well as peripheral and divided and because of the geopolitical context of globalization and European integration where they have to deal with it in a common way. The main objective of this article was to discover the differences and similarities of two border towns as a base for their future socio-economic...