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Positive fixed point theorems arising from seeking steady states of neural networks

Gen Qiang Wang, Sui-Sun Cheng (2010)

Mathematica Bohemica


Biological systems are able to switch their neural systems into inhibitory states and it is therefore important to build mathematical models that can explain such phenomena. If we interpret such inhibitory modes as `positive' or `negative' steady states of neural networks, then we will need to find the corresponding fixed points. This paper shows positive fixed point theorems for a particular class of cellular neural networks whose neuron units are placed at the vertices of a regular...

Structural analysis of social networks with respect to different levels of aggregation

Hans J. Hummell, Wolfgang Sodeur (1997)

Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines


The article aims at the integration of the two research traditions of multi-level and of network analysis. To this effect, a strategy is presented which can be traced back to P.F. Lazarsfeld and H. Menzel's typology of units and of their properties. After having extended their classification to take account of more network concepts than was needed at their time, the Lazarsfeld-Menzel-Classification is used as a conceptual instrument to translate a research question, which first looks...