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Self-affine fractals of finite type

Christoph Bandt, Mathias Mesing (2009)

Banach Center Publications


In the class of self-affine sets on ℝⁿ we study a subclass for which the geometry is rather tractable. A type is a standardized position of two intersecting pieces. For a self-affine tiling, this can be identified with an edge or vertex type. We assume that the number of types is finite. We study the topology of such fractals and their boundary sets, and we show how new finite type fractals can be constructed. For finite type self-affine tiles in the plane we give an algorithm which...

Affine and convex functions with respect to the logarithmic mean

Janusz Matkowski (2003)

Colloquium Mathematicae


The class of all functions f:(0,∞) → (0,∞) which are continuous at least at one point and affine with respect to the logarithmic mean is determined. Some related results concerning the functions convex with respect to the logarithmic mean are presented.

An affine framework for analytical mechanics

Paweł Urbański (2003)

Banach Center Publications


An affine Cartan calculus is developed. The concepts of special affine bundles and special affine duality are introduced. The canonical isomorphisms, fundamental for Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of the dynamics in the affine setting are proved.

Affine bijections of C(X,I)

Janko Marovt (2006)

Studia Mathematica


Let 𝒳 be a compact Hausdorff space which satisfies the first axiom of countability, I = [0,1] and 𝓒(𝒳,I) the set of all continuous functions from 𝒳 to I. If φ: 𝓒(𝒳,I) → 𝓒(𝒳,I) is a bijective affine map then there exists a homeomorphism μ: 𝒳 → 𝒳 such that for every component C in 𝒳 we have either φ(f)(x) = f(μ(x)), f ∈ 𝓒(𝒳,I), x ∈ C, or φ(f)(x) = 1-f(μ(x)), f ∈ 𝓒(𝒳,I), x ∈ C.