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Two pile move-size dynamic Nim.

Holshouser, Arthur, Reiter, Harold (2005)

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. DMTCS [electronic only]


Blocking Wythoff Nim.

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Analysis and improvement attempt of prof. Alan Fowler's negotiation game

Jakub Jan Golik (2018)

Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis | Studia ad Didacticam Mathematicae Pertinentia


The main goal of the following article is to design an improved version of the negotiation game created by prof. Alan Fowler (Fowler, 1997). I have tried to achieve this by constructing four separate versions of the game which represent different approaches while preserving rules, chosen basic technical assumptions and the simplicity of the base game. Each version of the game is supposed to i.a. make it less obvious, create new negotiation possibilities (including potential cooperation),...