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Modeling and simulation with augmented reality

Khaled Hussain, Varol Kaptan (2004)

RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle


In applications such as airport operations, military simulations, and medical simulations, conducting simulations in accurate and realistic settings that are represented by real video imaging sequences becomes essential. This paper surveys recent work that enables visually realistic model constructions and the simulation of synthetic objects which are inserted in video sequences, and illustrates how synthetic objects can conduct intelligent behavior within a visual augmented reality. ...

Application of coupled neural oscillators for image texture segmentation and modeling of biological rhythms

Paweł Strumiłło, Michał Strzelecki (2006)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


The role of relaxation oscillator models in application fields such as modeling dynamic systems and image analysis is discussed. A short review of the Van der Pol, Wilson-Cowan and Terman-Wang relaxation oscillators is given. The key property of such nonlinear oscillators, i.e., the oscillator phase shift (called the Phase Response Curve) as a result of external pulse stimuli is indicated as a fundamental mechanism to achieve and sustain synchrony in networks of coupled oscillators....