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Monotone normality and extension of functions

Ian Stares (1995)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


We provide a characterisation of monotone normality with an analogue of the Tietze-Urysohn theorem for monotonically normal spaces as well as answer a question due to San-ou concerning the extension of Urysohn functions in monotonically normal spaces. We also extend a result of van Douwen, giving a characterisation of K 0 -spaces in terms of semi-continuous functions, as well as answer another question of San-ou concerning semi-continuous Urysohn functions.

A Cantor set in the plane that is not σ-monotone

Aleš Nekvinda, Ondřej Zindulka (2011)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


A metric space (X,d) is monotone if there is a linear order < on X and a constant c such that d(x,y) ≤ cd(x,z) for all x < y < z in X, and σ-monotone if it is a countable union of monotone subspaces. A planar set homeomorphic to the Cantor set that is not σ-monotone is constructed and investigated. It follows that there is a metric on a Cantor set that is not σ-monotone. This answers a question raised by the second author.