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Intersection cohomology of reductive varieties

Roy Joshua, Michel Brion (2004)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society


We extend the methods developed in our earlier work to algorithmically compute the intersection cohomology Betti numbers of reductive varieties. These form a class of highly symmetric varieties that includes equivariant compactifications of reductive groups. Thereby, we extend a well-known algorithm for toric varieties.

Describing toric varieties and their equivariant cohomology

Matthias Franz (2010)

Colloquium Mathematicae


Topologically, compact toric varieties can be constructed as identification spaces: they are quotients of the product of a compact torus and the order complex of the fan. We give a detailed proof of this fact, extend it to the non-compact case and draw several, mostly cohomological conclusions. In particular, we show that the equivariant integral cohomology of a toric variety can be described in terms of piecewise polynomials on the fan if the ordinary integral cohomology is concentrated...