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Link invariants from finite racks

Sam Nelson (2014)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


We define ambient isotopy invariants of oriented knots and links using the counting invariants of framed links defined by finite racks. These invariants reduce to the usual quandle counting invariant when the rack in question is a quandle. We are able to further enhance these counting invariants with 2-cocycles from the coloring rack's second rack cohomology satisfying a new degeneracy condition which reduces to the usual case for quandles.

On numerical invariants for knots in the solid torus

Khaled Bataineh (2015)

Open Mathematics


We define some new numerical invariants for knots with zero winding number in the solid torus. These invariants explore some geometric features of knots embedded in the solid torus. We characterize these invariants and interpret them on the level of the knot projection. We also find some relations among some of these invariants. Moreover, we give lower bounds for some of these invariants using Vassiliev invariants of type one. We connect our invariants to the bridge number in the solid...