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Scattered elements of Banach algebras

Peng Cao (2013)

Studia Mathematica


A scattered element of a Banach algebra is an element with at most countable spectrum. The set of all scattered elements is denoted by (). The scattered radical s c ( ) is the largest ideal consisting of scattered elements. We characterize in several ways central elements of modulo the scattered radical. As a consequence, it is shown that the following conditions are equivalent: (i) () + () ⊂ (); (ii) ()() ⊂ (); (iii) [ ( ) , ] s c ( ) .

Cobraided smash product Hom-Hopf algebras

Tianshui Ma, Haiying Li, Tao Yang (2014)

Colloquium Mathematicae


Let (A,α) and (B,β) be two Hom-Hopf algebras. We construct a new class of Hom-Hopf algebras: R-smash products ( A R B , α β ) . Moreover, necessary and sufficient conditions for ( A R B , α β ) to be a cobraided Hom-Hopf algebra are given.

Uniquely covered radical classes of -groups

Y. Zhang, Y. Wang (2001)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


It is proved that a radical class σ of lattice-ordered groups has exactly one cover if and only if it is an intersection of some σ -complement radical class and the big atom over σ .

Actions of Hopf algebras on pro-semisimple noetherian algebras and their invariants

Andrzej Tyc (2001)

Colloquium Mathematicae


Let H be a Hopf algebra over a field k such that every finite-dimensional (left) H-module is semisimple. We give a counterpart of the first fundamental theorem of the classical invariant theory for locally finite, finitely generated (commutative) H-module algebras, and for local, complete H-module algebras. Also, we prove that if H acts on the k-algebra A = k[[X₁,...,Xₙ]] in such a way that the unique maximal ideal in A is invariant, then the algebra of invariants A H is a noetherian Cohen-Macaulay...