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Existence of explosive solutions to some nonlinear parabolic Itô equations

Pao-Liu Chow (2015)

Banach Center Publications


The paper is concerned with the problem of existence of explosive solutions for a class of nonlinear parabolic Itô equations. Under some sufficient conditions on the initial state and the coefficients, it is proven by the method of auxiliary functionals that there exist explosive solutions with positive probability. The main results are presented in Theorems 3.1 and 3.2 under different sets of conditions. An example is given to illustrate some application of the second theorem. ...

Boundedness in a quasilinear parabolic-parabolic chemotaxis system with nonlinear logistic source

Ji Liu, Jia-Shan Zheng (2015)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


We study a quasilinear parabolic-parabolic chemotaxis system with nonlinear logistic source, under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions in a smooth bounded domain. By establishing proper a priori estimates we prove that, with both the diffusion function and the chemotaxis sensitivity function being positive, the corresponding initial boundary value problem admits a unique global classical solution which is uniformly bounded. The result of this paper is a generalization of that of...