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Fuzzy transforms in image compression and fusion

Irina Perfilieva (2007)

Acta Mathematica Universitatis Ostraviensis


An overview of direct and inverse fuzzy transforms of three types is given and applications to data processing are considered. The construction and some important properties of fuzzy transforms are presented on the theoretical level. Three applications of F -transform to data processing have been chosen: compressional and reconstruction of data, removing noise and data fusion. All of them successively exploit the filtering property of the inverse fuzzy transform.

Semi-Hausdorff fuzzy filters.

Nayagam, V.Lakshmana Gomathi, Sivaraman, Geetha (2007)

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences


Fuzzy n-fold integral filters in BL-algebras

Rajab Ali Borzooei, Akbar Paad (2013)

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications


In this paper, we introduce the notion of fuzzy n-fold integral filter in BL-algebras and we state and prove several properties of fuzzy n-fold integral filters. Using a level subset of a fuzzy set in a BL-algebra, we give a characterization of fuzzy n-fold integral filters. Also, we prove that the homomorphic image and preimage of fuzzy n-fold integral filters are also fuzzy n-fold integral filters. Finally, we study the relationship among fuzzy n-fold obstinate filters, fuzzy n-fold...

On convergence theory in fuzzy topological spaces and its applications

Nouh, Ali Ahmed (2005)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


In this paper we introduce and study new concepts of convergence and adherent points for fuzzy filters and fuzzy nets in the light of the Q -relation and the Q -neighborhood of fuzzy points due to Pu and Liu [28]. As applications of these concepts we give several new characterizations of the closure of fuzzy sets, fuzzy Hausdorff spaces, fuzzy continuous mappings and strong Q -compactness. We show that there is a relation between the convergence of fuzzy filters and the convergence of fuzzy...

Towards a linguistic description of dependencies in data

Ildar Batyrshin, Michael Wagenknecht (2002)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


The problem of a linguistic description of dependencies in data by a set of rules R_k: “If X is T_k then Y is S_k” is considered, where T_k’s are linguistic terms like SMALL, BETWEEN 5 AND 7 describing some fuzzy intervals A_k. S_k’s are linguistic terms like DECREASING and QUICKLY INCREASING describing the slopes p_k of linear functions y_k = p_{k}x + q_k approximating data on A_k. The decision of this problem is obtained as a result of a fuzzy partition of the domain X on fuzzy intervals...