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Factoring Rosenthal operators.

Teresa Alvarez (1988)

Publicacions Matemàtiques


In this paper we show that a Rosenthal operator factors through a Banach space containing no isomorphs of l.

Ideals of finite rank operators, intersection properties of balls, and the approximation property

Åsvald Lima, Eve Oja (1999)

Studia Mathematica


We characterize the approximation property of Banach spaces and their dual spaces by the position of finite rank operators in the space of compact operators. In particular, we show that a Banach space E has the approximation property if and only if for all closed subspaces F of c 0 , the space ℱ(F,E) of finite rank operators from F to E has the n-intersection property in the corresponding space K(F,E) of compact operators for all n, or equivalently, ℱ(F,E) is an ideal in K(F,E). ...

Answer to a question by M. Feder about K(X,Y).

G. Emmanuele (1993)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid


We show that a Banach space constructed by Bourgain-Delbaen in 1980 answers a question put by Feder in 1982 about spaces of compact operators.

A subsequence characterization of sequences spanning isomorphically polyhedral Banach spaces

G. Androulakis (1998)

Studia Mathematica


Let (x_n) be a sequence in a Banach space X which does not converge in norm, and let E be an isomorphically precisely norming set for X such that (*) ∑_n |x*(x_{n+1} - x_n)| < ∞, ∀x* ∈ E. Then there exists a subsequence of (x_n) which spans an isomorphically polyhedral Banach space. It follows immediately from results of V. Fonf that the converse is also true: If Y is a separable isomorphically polyhedral Banach space then there exists a normalized M-basis (x_n) which spans Y and...