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Scaling of Stochasticity in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Epidemics

M. Aguiar, B.W. Kooi, J. Martins, N. Stollenwerk (2012)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena


In this paper we analyze the stochastic version of a minimalistic multi-strain model, which captures essential differences between primary and secondary infections in dengue fever epidemiology, and investigate the interplay between stochasticity, seasonality and import. The introduction of stochasticity is needed to explain the fluctuations observed in some of the available data sets, revealing a scenario where noise and complex deterministic...

General proportional mean residual life model

Mohamed Kayid, Salman Izadkhah, Dalal ALmufarrej (2016)

Applications of Mathematics


By considering a covariate random variable in the ordinary proportional mean residual life (PMRL) model, we introduce and study a general model, taking more situations into account with respect to the ordinary PMRL model. We investigate how stochastic structures of the proposed model are affected by the stochastic properties of the baseline and the mixing variables in the model. Several characterizations and preservation properties of the new model under different stochastic orders and...

On a stochastic SIR model

Elisabetta Tornatore, Stefania Maria Buccellato (2007)

Applicationes Mathematicae


We consider a stochastic SIR system and we prove the existence, uniqueness and positivity of solution. Moreover the existence of an invariant measure under a suitable condition on the coefficients is studied.

Models for stochastic mortality

Jan Iwanik (2007)

Applicationes Mathematicae


This paper is an attempt to present and analyse stochastic mortality models. We propose a couple of continuous-time stochastic models that are natural generalizations of the Gompertz law in the sense that they reduce to the Gompertz function when the volatility parameter is zero. We provide a statistical analysis of the available demographic data to show that the models fit historical data well. Finally, we give some practical examples for the multidimensional models.

Dynamical behavior for a stochastic two-species competitive model

Changjin Xu, Maoxin Liao (2017)

Open Mathematics


This paper deals with a stochastic two-species competitive model. Some very verifiable criteria on the global stability of the positive equilibrium of the deterministic system are established. An example with its computer simulations is given to illustrate our main theoretical findings.