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Group algebras with centrally metabelian unit groups.

Meena Sahai (1996)

Publicacions Matemàtiques


Given a field K of characteristic p > 2 and a finite group G, necessary and sufficient conditions for the unit group U(KG) of the group algebra KG to be centrally metabelian are obtained. It is observed that U(KG) is centrally metabelian if and only if KG is Lie centrally metabelian.

Sum-dominant sets and restricted-sum-dominant sets in finite abelian groups

David B. Penman, Matthew D. Wells (2014)

Acta Arithmetica


We call a subset A of an abelian group G sum-dominant when |A+A| > |A-A|. If |A⨣A| > |A-A|, where A⨣A comprises the sums of distinct elements of A, we say A is restricted-sum-dominant. In this paper we classify the finite abelian groups according to whether or not they contain sum-dominant sets (respectively restricted-sum-dominant sets). We also consider how much larger the sumset can be than the difference set in this context. Finally, generalising work of Zhao, we provide asymptotic...