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Calculations of graded ill-known sets

Masahiro Inuiguchi (2014)



To represent a set whose members are known partially, the graded ill-known set is proposed. In this paper, we investigate calculations of function values of graded ill-known sets. Because a graded ill-known set is characterized by a possibility distribution in the power set, the calculations of function values of graded ill-known sets are based on the extension principle but generally complex. To reduce the complexity, lower and upper approximations of a given graded ill-known set are...

Regular Expression Quantifiers - at least m Occurrences

Michał Trybulec (2008)

Formalized Mathematics


This is the second article on regular expression quantifiers. [4] introduced the quantifiers m to n occurrences and optional occurrence. In the sequel, the quantifiers: at least m occurrences and positive closure (at least 1 occurrence) are introduced. Notation and terminology were taken from [8], several properties of regular expressions from [7].MML identifier: FLANG 3, version: 7.8.05 4.89.993