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Problems in scientific time series analysis.

Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson (1984)



The paper reviews the statistical methods of time series analysis used in a selection of papers from respected scientific journals. In particular, problems are considered in the search for cycles, the use of regression to establish causal links between variables, transfer function modelling and the use of filtering to extract componentes of time series. An attempt is made to assess how useful the ideas of ARMA and Transfer Function modelling might be in improving the efficiency...

Modeling and simulation of a blood pump for the development of a left ventricular assist system controller

Yih-Choung Yu, J. Robert Boston, Marwan A. Simaan, Phil J. Miller, James F. Antaki (1999)



A mathematical model describing the pressure-volume relationship of the Novacor left ventricular assist system (LVAS) was developed. The model consisted of lumped resistance, capacitance, and inductance elements with one time-varying capacitor to simulate the cyclical pressure generation of the system. The ejection and filling portions of the pump cycle were modeled with two separate functions. The corresponding model parameters were estimated by least squares fit to experimental data...