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A Reduced Model for Flame-Flow Interaction

P. Gordon, M. Frankel, G. Sivashinsky (2010)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena


The paper is concerned with an extension of the classical relation between the flame speed and the curvature-flow stretch, valid only for high Lewis numbers (diffusively stable flames). At low Lewis numbers the corresponding flame-flow system suffers short-wavelength instability, making the associated initial value problem ill-posed. In this study the difficulty is resolved by incorporation of higher-order effects. As a result one ends up with a reduced model based on a coupled system...

Mathematical modeling and simulation of flow in domains separated by leaky semipermeable membrane including osmotic effect

Jaroslav Hron, Maria Neuss-Radu, Petra Pustějovská (2011)

Applications of Mathematics


In this paper, we propose a mathematical model for flow and transport processes of diluted solutions in domains separated by a leaky semipermeable membrane. We formulate transmission conditions for the flow and the solute concentration across the membrane which take into account the property of the membrane to partly reject the solute, the accumulation of rejected solute at the membrane, and the influence of the solute concentration on the volume flow, known as osmotic effect. The model...