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Some properties of geodesic semi E-b-vex functions

Adem Kiliçman, Wedad Saleh (2015)

Open Mathematics


In this study, we introduce a new class of function called geodesic semi E-b-vex functions and generalized geodesic semi E-b-vex functions and discuss some of their properties.

Fastest curves and toroidal black holes

E. Woolgar (1997)

Banach Center Publications


We discuss an apparent paradox (and conjectured resolution) of Jacobson and Venkataramani concerning 'temporarily toroidal' black hole horizons, in light of a recent connectivity theorem for spaces of complete causal curves. We do this in a self-contained manner by first reviewing the 'fastest curve argument' which proves this connectivity theorem, and we note that active topological censorship can be derived as a corollary of this argument. We argue that the apparent paradox arises...