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A new application of the homotopy analysis method in solving the fractional Volterra's population system

Mehdi Ghasemi, Mojtaba Fardi, Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani (2014)

Applications of Mathematics


This paper considers a Volterra's population system of fractional order and describes a bi-parametric homotopy analysis method for solving this system. The homotopy method offers a possibility to increase the convergence region of the series solution. Two examples are presented to illustrate the convergence and accuracy of the method to the solution. Further, we define the averaged residual error to show that the obtained results have reasonable accuracy.

Solving Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey System with Constant Effort Harvesting using Variational Iteration Method

Barari, A., Ghotbi, Abdoul R., Omidvar, M., Ganji, D. D. (2009)

Serdica Journal of Computing


Due to wide range of interest in use of bio-economic models to gain insight into the scientific management of renewable resources like fisheries and forestry,variational iteration method (VIM) is employed to approximate the solution of the ratio-dependent predator-prey system with constant effort prey harvesting.The results are compared with the results obtained by Adomian decomposition method and reveal that VIM is very effective and convenient for solving nonlinear differential equations. ...