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Alpha-stable branching and beta-coalescents.

Birkner, Matthias, Blath, Jochen, Capaldo, Marcella, Etheridge, Alison M., Möhle, Martin, Schweinsberg, Jason, Wakolbinger, Anton (2005)

Electronic Journal of Probability [electronic only]


On the Structure of Spatial Branching Processes

Matthes, Klaus, Nawrotzki, Kurt, Siegmund-Schultze, Rainer (1997)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


The paper is a contribution to the theory of branching processes with discrete time and a general phase space in the sense of [2]. We characterize the class of regular, i.e. in a sense sufficiently random, branching processes (Φk) k∈Z by almost sure properties of their realizations without making any assumptions about stationarity or existence of moments. This enables us to classify the clans of (Φk) into the regular part and the completely non-regular part. It turns out that the...