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On Groups whose Contranormal Subgroups are Normally Complemented

Kurdachenko, L. A., Subbotin, I. Ya. (2011)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20F16, 20E15. Groups in which every contranormal subgroup is normally complemented has been considered. The description of such groups G with the condition Max-n and such groups having an abelian nilpotent residual satisfying Min-G have been obtained.

On E-S-supplemented subgroups of finite groups

Changwen Li, Xuemei Zhang, Xiaolan Yi (2013)

Colloquium Mathematicae


The major aim of the present paper is to strengthen a nice result of Shemetkov and Skiba which gives some conditions under which every non-Frattini G-chief factor of a normal subgroup E of a finite group G is cyclic. As applications, some recent known results are generalized and unified.