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Semigroup-theoretical characterizations of arithmetical invariants with applications to numerical monoids and Krull monoids

Víctor Blanco, Pedro A. García-Sánchez, Alfred Geroldinger (2010)

Actes des rencontres du CIRM


Arithmetical invariants—such as sets of lengths, catenary and tame degrees—describe the non-uniqueness of factorizations in atomic monoids.We study these arithmetical invariants by the monoid of relations and by presentations of the involved monoids. The abstract results will be applied to numerical monoids and to Krull monoids.

On delta sets and their realizable subsets in Krull monoids with cyclic class groups

Scott T. Chapman, Felix Gotti, Roberto Pelayo (2014)

Colloquium Mathematicae


Let M be a commutative cancellative monoid. The set Δ(M), which consists of all positive integers which are distances between consecutive factorization lengths of elements in M, is a widely studied object in the theory of nonunique factorizations. If M is a Krull monoid with cyclic class group of order n ≥ 3, then it is well-known that Δ(M) ⊆ {1,..., n-2}. Moreover, equality holds for this containment when each class contains a prime divisor from M. In this note, we consider the question...