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Classification in the Gabor time-frequency domain of non-stationary signals embedded in heavy noise with unknown statistical distribution

Ewa Świercz (2010)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


A new supervised classification algorithm of a heavily distorted pattern (shape) obtained from noisy observations of nonstationary signals is proposed in the paper. Based on the Gabor transform of 1-D non-stationary signals, 2-D shapes of signals are formulated and the classification formula is developed using the pattern matching idea, which is the simplest case of a pattern recognition task. In the pattern matching problem, where a set of known patterns creates predefined classes,...

Fast and accurate methods of independent component analysis: A survey

Petr Tichavský, Zbyněk Koldovský (2011)



This paper presents a survey of recent successful algorithms for blind separation of determined instantaneous linear mixtures of independent sources such as natural speech or biomedical signals. These algorithms rely either on non-Gaussianity, nonstationarity, spectral diversity, or on a combination of them. Performance of the algorithms will be demonstrated on separation of a linear instantaneous mixture of audio signals (music, speech) and on artifact removal in electroencephalogram...