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Versatile asymmetrical tight extensions

Olivier Olela Otafudu, Zechariah Mushaandja (2017)

Topological Algebra and its Applications


We show that the image of a q-hyperconvex quasi-metric space under a retraction is q-hyperconvex. Furthermore, we establish that quasi-tightness and quasi-essentiality of an extension of a T0-quasi-metric space are equivalent.

Quasi-linear maps

D. J. Grubb (2008)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


A quasi-linear map from a continuous function space C(X) is one which is linear on each singly generated subalgebra. We show that the collection of quasi-linear functionals has a Banach space pre-dual with a natural order. We then investigate quasi-linear maps between two continuous function spaces, classifying them in terms of generalized image transformations.

On Quasi-Normality of Two-Sided Multiplication

Amouch, M. (2009)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 47B47, 47B10, 47A30. In this note, we characterize quasi-normality of two-sided multiplication, restricted to a norm ideal and we extend this result, to an important class which contains all quasi-normal operators. Also we give some applications of this result.

Some seminorms on quasi *-algebras

Camillo Trapani (2003)

Studia Mathematica


Different types of seminorms on a quasi *-algebra (𝔄,𝔄₀) are constructed from a suitable family ℱ of sesquilinear forms on 𝔄. Two particular classes, extended C*-seminorms and CQ*-seminorms, are studied in some detail. A necessary and sufficient condition for the admissibility of a sesquilinear form in terms of extended C*-seminorms on (𝔄,𝔄₀) is given.