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Data mining techniques using decision tree model in materialised projection and selection view.

Y. W. Teh (2004)

Mathware and Soft Computing


With the availability of very large data storage today, redundant data structures are no longer a big issue. However, an intelligent way of managing materialised projection and selection views that can lead to fast access of data is the central issue dealt with in this paper. A set of implementation steps for the data warehouse administrators or decision makers to improve the response time of queries is also defined. The study concludes that both attributes and tuples, are important...

Bringing introspection into BlobSeer: Towards a self-adaptive distributed data management system

Alexandra Carpen-Amarie, Alexandru Costan, Jing Cai, Gabriel Antoniu, Luc Bougé (2011)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


Introspection is the prerequisite of autonomic behavior, the first step towards performance improvement and resource usage optimization for large-scale distributed systems. In grid environments, the task of observing the application behavior is assigned to monitoring systems. However, most of them are designed to provide general resource information and do not consider specific information for higher-level services. More precisely, in the context of data-intensive applications, a specific...

Warehousing and OLAP Analysis of Data About Unique Bulgarian Bells Складиране и OLAP анализ на данни за уникални български камбани

Trifonov, Tihomir, Georgieva-Trifonova, Tsvetanka (2012)

Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians


Тихомир Трифонов, Цветанка Георгиева-Трифонова - В настоящата статия е представена системата bgBell/OLAP за складиране и онлайн аналитична обработка на данни за уникални български камбани. Реализираната система предоставя възможност за извеждане на обобщени справки и анализиране на различни характеристики на камбаните, за да се извлече предварително неизвестна и потенциално полезна информация. In this paper, the system bgBell/OLAP for warehousing and online analytical processing...

Survival analysis on data streams: Analyzing temporal events in dynamically changing environments

Ammar Shaker, Eyke Hüllermeier (2014)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


In this paper, we introduce a method for survival analysis on data streams. Survival analysis (also known as event history analysis) is an established statistical method for the study of temporal “events” or, more specifically, questions regarding the temporal distribution of the occurrence of events and their dependence on covariates of the data sources. To make this method applicable in the setting of data streams, we propose an adaptive variant of a model that is closely related to...

A Taxonomy of Big Data for Optimal Predictive Machine Learning and Data Mining

Fokoue, Ernest (2014)

Serdica Journal of Computing


Big data comes in various ways, types, shapes, forms and sizes. Indeed, almost all areas of science, technology, medicine, public health, economics, business, linguistics and social science are bombarded by ever increasing flows of data begging to be analyzed efficiently and effectively. In this paper, we propose a rough idea of a possible taxonomy of big data, along with some of the most commonly used tools for handling each particular category of bigness. The dimensionality p of...