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Fixed points and iterations of mean-type mappings

Janusz Matkowski (2012)

Open Mathematics


Let (X, d) be a metric space and T: X → X a continuous map. If the sequence (T n)n∈ℕ of iterates of T is pointwise convergent in X, then for any x ∈ X, the limit μ T ( x ) = lim n T n ( x ) is a fixed point of T. The problem of determining the form of µT leads to the invariance equation µT ○ T = µT, which is difficult to solve in general if the set of fixed points of T is not a singleton. We consider this problem assuming that X = I p, where I is a real interval, p ≥ 2 a fixed positive integer and T is the mean-type...

Some mean value theorems as consequences of the Darboux property

Dan Ştefan Marinescu, Mihai Monea (2017)

Mathematica Bohemica


The aim of the paper is to present some mean value theorems obtained as consequences of the intermediate value property. First, we will prove that any nonextremum value of a Darboux function can be represented as an arithmetic, geometric or harmonic mean of some different values of this function. Then, we will present some extensions of the Cauchy or Lagrange Theorem in classical or integral form. Also, we include similar results involving divided differences. The paper was motivated...