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Solving the simple plant location problem by genetic algorithm

Jozef Kratica, Dušan Tošic, Vladimir Filipović, Ivana Ljubić (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research


The simple plant location problem (SPLP) is considered and a genetic algorithm is proposed to solve this problem. By using the developed algorithm it is possible to solve SPLP with more than 1000 facility sites and customers. Computational results are presented and compared to dual based algorithms.

Experiments with variants of ant algorithms.

Thomas Stützle, Sebastian Linke (2002)

Mathware and Soft Computing


A number of extensions of Ant System, the first ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm, were proposed in the literature. These extensions typically achieve much improved computational results when compared to the original Ant System. However, many design choices of Ant System are left untouched including the fact that solutions are constructed, that real-numbers are used to simulate pheromone trails, and that explicit pheromone evaporation is used. In this article we experimentally...