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The structure of plane graphs with independent crossings and its applications to coloring problems

Xin Zhang, Guizhen Liu (2013)

Open Mathematics


If a graph G has a drawing in the plane in such a way that every two crossings are independent, then we call G a plane graph with independent crossings or IC-planar graph for short. In this paper, the structure of IC-planar graphs with minimum degree at least two or three is studied. By applying their structural results, we prove that the edge chromatic number of G is Δ if Δ ≥ 8, the list edge (resp. list total) chromatic number of G is Δ (resp. Δ + 1) if Δ ≥ 14 and the linear arboricity...

Characterization of Line-Consistent Signed Graphs

Daniel C. Slilaty, Thomas Zaslavsky (2015)

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory


The line graph of a graph with signed edges carries vertex signs. A vertex-signed graph is consistent if every circle (cycle, circuit) has positive vertex-sign product. Acharya, Acharya, and Sinha recently characterized line-consistent signed graphs, i.e., edge-signed graphs whose line graphs, with the naturally induced vertex signature, are consistent. Their proof applies Hoede’s relatively difficult characterization of consistent vertex-signed graphs. We give a simple proof that does...