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A note on a theorem of Xiao Gang.

Margarita Mendes Lopes (2004)

Collectanea Mathematica


In 1985 Xiao Gang proved that the bicanonical surface of a complex surface S of general type with p2(S) > 2 is not composed of a pencil. In this note a new proof of this theorem is presented.

On surface braids of index four with at most two crossings

Teruo Nagase, Akiko Shima (2005)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


Let Γ be a 4-chart with at most two crossings. We show that if the closure of the surface braid obtained from Γ is one 2-sphere, then the sphere is a ribbon surface.

Timelike Christoffel pairs in the split-quaternions

M. P. Dussan, M. Magid (2010)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


We characterize the Christoffel pairs of timelike isothermic surfaces in the four-dimensional split-quaternions. When restricting the receiving space to the three-dimensional imaginary split-quaternions, we establish an equivalent condition for a timelike surface in ℝ³₂ to be real or complex isothermic in terms of the existence of integrating factors.