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Integrating Photosynthesis, Respiration, Biomass Partitioning, and Plant Growth: Developing a Microsoft Excel®-based Simulation Model of Wisconsin Fast Plant (, Brassicaceae) Growth with Undergraduate Students

Y. L. Grossman, A. B. Berdanier, M. L. Custic, L. R. Feeley, S. F. Peake, A. J. Saenz, K. S. Sitton (2011)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena


This paper demonstrates the development of a simple model of carbon flow during plant growth. The model was developed by six undergraduate students and their instructor as a project in a plant ecophysiology course. The paper describes the structure of the model including the equations that were used to implement it in Excel®, the plant growth experiments that were conducted to obtain information for parameterizing and testing the model, model performance, student responses to the modeling...

A quantitative study of the rate of change in Spanish employment.

Antoni Espasa (1984)



In this paper the homogeneous information available for the Spanish economy on employment, productivity and wages is processed by means of annual single equation models. The aim in this exercise is to fix ideas about the fundamental characteristics that dominate the relationships between the mentioned data. A set of conclusions is listed at the end of the paper.

Tumour angiogenesis model with variable vessels' effectiveness

Jan Poleszczuk, Iwona Skrzypczak (2011)

Applicationes Mathematicae


We propose a model of vascular tumour growth, which generalises the well recognised model formulated by Hahnfeldt et al. in 1999. Our model is based on the same idea that the carrying capacity for any solid tumour depends on its vessel density but it also incorporates vasculature quality which may be lost during angiogenesis as recognised by Jain in 2005. In the model we assume that the loss of vessel quality affects the diffusion coefficient inside the tumour. We analyse basic mathematical...