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Differential equations and algebraic transcendents: french efforts at the creation of a Galois theory of differential equations 1880–1910

Tom Archibald (2011)

Revue d'histoire des mathématiques


A “Galois theory” of differential equations was first proposed by Émile Picard in 1883. Picard, then a young mathematician in the course of making his name, sought an analogue to Galois’s theory of polynomial equations for linear differential equations with rational coefficients. His main results were limited by unnecessary hypotheses, as was shown in 1892 by his student Ernest Vessiot, who both improved Picard’s results and altered his approach, leading Picard to assert that his lay...

Remarks on the intrinsic inverse problem

Daniel Bertrand (2002)

Banach Center Publications


The intrinsic differential Galois group is a twisted form of the standard differential Galois group, defined over the base differential field. We exhibit several constraints for the inverse problem of differential Galois theory to have a solution in this intrinsic setting, and show by explicit computations that they are sufficient in a (very) special situation.