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Criterion of Normality of the Completely Regular Topology of Separate Continuity

Grinshpon, Yakov S. (2006)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 54C10, 54D15, 54G12. For given completely regular topological spaces X and Y, there is a completely regular space X ~⊗ Y such that for any completely regular space Z a mapping f : X × Y ⊗ Z is separately continuous if and only if f : X ~⊗ Y→ Z is continuous. We prove a necessary condition of normality, a sufficient condition of collectionwise normality, and a criterion of normality of the products X ~⊗ Y in the case when at least...

On P 3 -paracompact spaces.

Al-Zoubi, Khalid, Al-Ghour, Samer (2007)

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences