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Spaces of measurable functions

Piotr Niemiec (2013)

Open Mathematics


For a metrizable space X and a finite measure space (Ω, 𝔐 , µ), the space M µ(X) of all equivalence classes (under the relation of equality almost everywhere mod µ) of 𝔐 -measurable functions from Ω to X, whose images are separable, equipped with the topology of convergence in measure, and some of its subspaces are studied. In particular, it is shown that M µ(X) is homeomorphic to a Hilbert space provided µ is (nonzero) nonatomic and X is completely metrizable and has more than one point. ...

Strong covering without squares

Saharon Shelah (2000)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


Let W be an inner model of ZFC. Let κ be a cardinal in V. We say that κ-covering holds between V and W iff for all X ∈ V with X ⊆ ON and V ⊨ |X| < κ, there exists Y ∈ W such that X ⊆ Y ⊆ ON and V ⊨ |Y| < κ. Strong κ-covering holds between V and W iff for every structure M ∈ V for some countable first-order language whose underlying set is some ordinal λ, and every X ∈ V with X ⊆ λ and V ⊨ |X| < κ, there is Y ∈ W such that X ⊆ Y ≺ M and V ⊨ |Y| < κ.   We prove that if κ is...