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Doubt fuzzy BCI-algebras.

Zhan, Jianming, Tan, Zhisong (2002)

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences


Inf-Hesitant Fuzzy Ideals in BCK/BCI-Algebras

Young Bae Jun, Seok-Zun Song (2020)

Bulletin of the Section of Logic


Based on the hesitant fuzzy set theory which is introduced by Torra in the paper [12], the notions of Inf-hesitant fuzzy subalgebras, Inf-hesitant fuzzy ideals and Inf-hesitant fuzzy p-ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras are introduced, and their relations and properties are investigated. Characterizations of an Inf-hesitant fuzzy subalgebras, an Inf-hesitant fuzzy ideals and an Inf-hesitant fuzzy p-ideal are considered. Using the notion of BCK-parts, an Inf-hesitant fuzzy ideal is constructed....