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On some α -convex functions.

Acu, Mugur, Al-Oboudi, Fatima, Darus, Maslina, Owa, Shigeyoshi, Polatog̃lu, Yaşar, Yavuz, Emel (2008)

International Journal of Open Problems in Computer Science and Mathematics. IJOPCM


On a Convexity Preserving Integral Operator

Oros, Gheorghe, Irina Oros, Georgia (2010)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis


MSC 2010: 30C45, 30A20, 34C40 In this paper we determine conditions an analytic function g needs to satisfy in order that the function Fgiven by (1) be convex.

Starlikeness of functions satisfying a differential inequality

Rosihan M. Ali, S. Ponnusamy, Vikramaditya Singh (1995)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


In a recent paper Fournier and Ruscheweyh established a theorem related to a certain functional. We extend their result differently, and then use it to obtain a precise upper bound on α so that for f analytic in |z| < 1, f(0) = f'(0) - 1 = 0 and satisfying Re{zf''(z)} > -λ, the function f is starlike.