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Contra G δ -continuity in smooth fuzzy topological spaces

D. Anitha Devi, Elango Roja, Mallasamudram Kuppusamy Uma (2009)

Mathematica Bohemica


In this paper the concept of fuzzy contra δ -continuity in the sense of A. P. Sostak (1985) is introduced. Some interesting properties and characterizations are investigated. Also, some applications to fuzzy compact spaces are established.

On somewhat fuzzy semicontinuous functions

G. Thangaraj, Ganesan Balasubramanian (2001)



In this paper the concept of somewhat fuzzy semicontinuous functions, somewhat fuzzy semiopen functions are introduced and studied. Besides giving characterizations of these functions, several interesting properties of these functions are also given. More examples are given to illustrate the concepts introduced in this paper.