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Fuzzy numbers, definitions and properties.

Miguel Delgado, José Luis Verdegay, M. Amparo Vila (1994)

Mathware and Soft Computing


Two different definitions of a Fuzzy number may be found in the literature. Both fulfill Goguen's Fuzzification Principle but are different in nature because of their different starting points. The first one was introduced by Zadeh and has well suited arithmetic and algebraic properties. The second one, introduced by Gantner, Steinlage and Warren, is a good and formal representation of the concept from a topological point of view. The objective of this paper is...

The Formal Construction of Fuzzy Numbers

Adam Grabowski (2014)

Formalized Mathematics


In this article, we continue the development of the theory of fuzzy sets [23], started with [14] with the future aim to provide the formalization of fuzzy numbers [8] in terms reflecting the current state of the Mizar Mathematical Library. Note that in order to have more usable approach in [14], we revised that article as well; some of the ideas were described in [12]. As we can actually understand fuzzy sets just as their membership functions (via the equality of membership function...

An additive decomposition of fuzzy numbers

Dug Hun Hong (2003)



Hong and Do[4] improved Mareš[7] result about additive decomposition of fuzzy quantities concerning an equivalence relation. But there still exists an open question which is the limitation to fuzzy quantities on R (the set of real numbers) with bounded supports in the presented theory. In this paper we restrict ourselves to fuzzy numbers, which are fuzzy quantities of the real line R with convex, normalized and upper semicontinuous membership function and prove this open question. ...

A Method to Construct an Extension of Fuzzy Information Granularity Based on Fuzzy Distance

Thien, Nguyen Van, Demetrovics, Janos, Thi, Vu Duc, Giang, Nguyen Long, Son, Nguyen Nhu (2016)

Serdica Journal of Computing


In fuzzy granular computing, a fuzzy granular structure is the collection of fuzzy information granules and fuzzy information granularity is used to measure the granulation degree of a fuzzy granular structure. In general, the fuzzy information granularity characterizes discernibility ability among fuzzy information granules in a fuzzy granular structure. In recent years, researchers have proposed some concepts of fuzzy information granularity based on partial order relations. However,...